CIC Canada

CIC Canada, or Citizenship and Immigration Canada, is the government organization that handles new immigrants’ requests to stay in Canada and grants citizenship to those who qualify. 

Suppose you’re interested in immigrating to Canada. In that case, you’ll want to learn more about CIC before starting the application process, and it’s essential to be aware of any changes that may come with time. 

To ensure you understand all there is to know about CIC Canada, look at this guide to Canadian citizenship and immigration.

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This article covers the various visas offered by CIC Canada, how long it takes to get citizenship, which documents are required and how to begin the application process. 

By reading this article, you’ll learn everything you need about CIC Canada’s citizenship and immigration services, including how to begin the application process.

What Is CIC Canada?

CIC Canada is a Canadian government branch responsible for citizenship, immigration, visa applications, and refugee protection. 

It was created in 2003 by combining the Canadian Immigration Centre with Citizenship and Multiculturalism Canada. 

With over 20 offices across the country, it has jurisdiction over all areas related to immigration to Canada.

Who Is Eligible for CIC Canada?

You are eligible for CIC if you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. 

If you want to immigrate to Canada, the CIC will require a standard application form. 

There is an Application for Landing form and an Application for Permanent Residence form. 

With these forms, the person must prove that they have enough money in their bank account, earn more than minimum wage, and provide work experience documents.

Which Documents Are Required

Since eligibility requirements differ based on the applicant’s situation, you must understand the specific requirements for your circumstance. 

You should be aware of what types of documents are required before you apply.

Suppose the applicant is applying for Canadian citizenship or permanent residence.

In that case, they will need a valid passport, two pieces of identification that prove their Canadian residency in the last four years, and other documents that prove their identity.

How to Apply for CIC Canada

If you’re interested in applying for citizenship or immigration to Canada, you should consult the official CIC website at www.cic.gc.ca. 

Once there, you can find a detailed description of the process for both these procedures and helpful information about living in the country. 

You’ll need to determine your eligibility for citizenship before beginning the process, which involves answering questions about your background, general knowledge of Canada, and some basic English proficiency (although language levels may vary depending on where you are in the application process). 

In addition, if English is not your first language, it will be necessary to take a citizenship test which also covers knowledge of Canadian culture and values.

Applying Online

Canada offers several online applications for citizenship, permanent residence, work permits, travel documents, and temporary residence applications. 

You will need your A GCKey username and password to apply online, which can be created at gckey.ca/creategckeyaccount. 

From the CIC website, simply choose which application you would like to make. 

You will be prompted with the documentation required for completing your application and the required forms or schedules. 

Suppose any documents are in a different language. In that case, you will also have the option of requesting a translated version of that document from CIC staff by using the Request an Official Translated Document form on this page (an example would be if you submitted documents in Hebrew).

After entering all the requested information, click Next to submit your application. The applicant will receive confirmation via email once the application has been received.

Various Kinds of Visas Offered by CIC Canada

The CIC offers a variety of visas for people who wish to live or work in Canada. 

Depending on your skills, experience, and what you would like to do in the country, you can apply for one of the following visas types:

  • Workers (a skilled worker coming for temporary work);.
  • International graduates of Canadian schools who are looking for professional employment.
  • Entrepreneurs (who have sufficient funds to invest in the creation or expansion of their business).
  • Self-employed persons (coming with enough personal savings or at least two years’ worth of operating capital).
  • Students (coming to study at a recognized learning institution).
  • Temporary residents (people who want to stay in Canada temporarily). 

Canada is not easy to get into because of its strict visa requirements.

However, if you follow these steps and research how best to go about applying for citizenship or immigrating to Canada, it should be smooth sailing.

How Long It Takes to Get Citizenship

The time frame depends on the type of application you submit. 

With a complete application, you can be eligible for citizenship in as little as six months. 

However, if you’re only applying for permanent residence, it may take years. 

The application process will take some time, no matter how you go. 

You may want to consult a lawyer or apply with help from an immigration agency.

How Much Money Do I Need to Immigrate to Canada?

The cost of immigration largely depends on what class you’re applying under. As of June 2018, here are the fees for CIC’s different classes: 

  • For family sponsorship applications, the cost is $21,019 per family. 
  • For adult adoption sponsorships, the cost is $15,498. 
  • There are no fees associated with citizenship by investment applications. 

The more money you have, your class is likely to be higher. For example, if you have a lot of money, you can likely sponsor your spouse or children more quickly than someone with very little capital. 

To find out what class you’re eligible for, consult an immigration lawyer in Canada today.


Becoming a Canadian citizen is as simple as finding a way to make your intentions clear. 

You can apply for citizenship or have someone help you with the process. 

Either way, it’s not nearly as complicated as many might think. For more information about citizenship and immigration in Canada, visit the website of CIC Canada at www.cic-canada.ca.

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