Canada IRCC

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) department is the Canadian government agency that processes immigration applications of Canadian permanent residents, immigrants, students, and foreign workers who want to work or study in Canada. 

IRCC offers many programs to facilitate people’s entry into Canada, such as work permits, student visas, visitor visas, and refugee protection claims. 

These programs make Canada one of the most desired destinations in the world for foreigners looking to immigrate or visit for business or pleasure.

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These programs are categorized into three major streams: economic immigration, family immigration, and refugee protection claims.

At Canada IRCC, your top priority is to protect Canadians’ health, safety and security while also upholding Canada’s laws. 

IRCC uses various methods to verify the identity of foreign nationals before granting them entry into Canada or issuing them Canadian immigration documents like Permanent Resident Cards, work permits, study permits, or visas for visiting or transit purposes. 

IRCC also verifies an applicant’s identity before issuing travel documents such as passports or travel documents to refugees claiming asylum in Canada who do not have one from their home country.

What Is Canada IRCC

Canada has an organization called Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC for short). 

IRCC serves as a governing body for immigration law in Canada. IRCC controls the levels of immigrants that enter the country each year, how to apply for immigration status in Canada, and much more.

They have a variety of services that are aimed at different target audiences.

For example, they offer different language tests if English isn’t your first language, there are visa applications tailored explicitly towards children, and you can even find them helping those with criminal records with permanent residency applications. 

It’s an exhaustive list, but these are just some key points on their official website.

What Are the Benefits of Canada IRCC?

Canada offers a few different pathways to immigrate. These pathways include; family sponsorship, provincial/territorial nominee programs, Express Entry, and refugees. 

Family sponsorship and refugee programs are subject to yearly quotas. 

Provincial/territorial nominees are processed in the provinces where they live, but it’s hard to know precisely when your name will be selected. 

With these different methods for immigration, it’s easy to see why Canada receives so many immigrants every year.

Canada IRCC Eligibility Requirements

The following requirements must be met to be eligible for the Immigrant Investor Program: 

  • The applicant and spouse (if applicable) must have a minimum net worth of $1,600,000 CDN; 
  • The applicants must sign an agreement with the Government of Canada to invest $800,000 in a government-guaranteed investment fund. 
    This money will then be returned within five years, and any interest generated will stay with the Immigrant Investor as a contribution to their Residency application; 
  • An actual implementation plan for your investment needs to be submitted. 
    Applicants should work with private business individuals or financial institutions willing to provide assurances that the funds will not be used for anything other than supporting a business in Canada.

How Do I Apply for the Canada IRCC?

You may be able to apply for the Canada IRCC if you have a valid job offer and a strong business plan. 

You need to decide on your investment amount and calculate how much of an impact this will have on the Canadian economy. 

You’ll need to research your competition and consider what needs there are in the country. 

Find out what certifications, licenses, and permits you need before you start any work, as well as how long it will take to attain them. 

Think about labor costs, hours of operation, where you plan on opening your business, and how many employees you’ll need. 

The IRCC also requires that you have enough money to help pay living expenses while waiting for your application to be processed.

How Long Does the Canada IRCC Take to Process?

When you want to visit Canada as a tourist, apply for permanent residence, or study there as a student, you’ll need permission. 

The Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) evaluates all applications based on the nature of your visit and how long you plan to stay in the country. 

It takes two weeks for IRCC to process a work permit application and ten weeks for an international student application. 

For other types of visas, IRCC processes them within ten days in some cases.

What Are the Chances of My Canada IRCC Application Being Accepted?

Canada IRCC has established an open-list system for determining which files are ready to be processed. 

In this process, files are ranked according to their priorities and readiness, with the top priority given to the oldest pending case. 

Your chances of accepting your application depend on where you live concerning Canada’s borders. 

If you live outside of Canada, they won’t need or want any more immigrants from your country or area. 

On the other hand, if you’re living in Canada but not in a border area, chances are good that they’ll want new immigrants from your country or region.

Canada IRCC Points Calculator

Canada IRCC has a points calculator on its website, which calculates how many points a person is awarded based on different factors, including education and language skills. 

There are 65 points available, and a minimum of 60 in one category is required to qualify for immigration under Canada IRCC’s Express Entry Program. 

As the saying goes, slow and steady wins the race – or in this case, gains immigration points.


Canada IRCC stands for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, established in 2003. 

They carry out the laws, policies, and services that apply to immigrants who want to come to Canada and all refugee claimants from overseas who claim inside Canada. 

To contact them, you must be a Canadian citizen or live in Canada, so they are not in charge of international refugees outside our borders. 

The other big thing that they do not deal with is Canadian citizens living abroad, but if you still feel like you need assistance, there is an office that was just opened called Citizenship and Immigration Services that should help with all your needs.

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