Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI)

Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) are schools approved by the Canadian government to accept students from other countries.

To receive a study visa in Canada, one must have a letter of approval from a DLI.

All the primary and secondary schools in Canada are Designated Learning Institutions also. Some post-secondary schools like colleges, Universities, and vocational schools are also accredited as DLIs. 

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So, make sure your school and the program you want to enroll in our on the Canadian DLIs for easy access and for it to go through if you ever want to come to Canada to study.

How to Become an International Student?

To study in Canada as an international student;

You must first be admitted into a Canadian school or an approved learning facility in the province.

Once you have gotten a letter of acceptance, you can apply for a study permit from Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada.

After receiving a letter of admission, you can apply to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada for a study permit.

This acceptance into the Canadian institution serves as the foundation for any study visa that may be granted if you are a student at a post-secondary institution. 

Designated Learning Institution Number

A unique Canadian Designated Learning Institutions (DLI) number is given to any post-secondary school admitting international students.

This number appears on the application for a study permit that has been provided to the students. This is the number that starts with the letter “O.” 

Importance of DLI at Primary and Secondary Schools Levels

If somebody is immigrating to Canada on a work or study permit and has any young children, they will be able to enroll them in their respective schools. 

There won’t be a requirement to submit a separate study permit application. They will acquire high school diploma certificates when they complete secondary education.

Will This Affect My Changing of Programs

If an international student changes the course, he currently attends the same DLI-approved institutions. 

They won’t have to update their study permit or contact the IRCC to make the necessary modifications.

Can This Affect My Changing of Schools?

Assuming an international student decides to transfer to another university offering courses at the same level.

They won’t be required to get new study permission from the agency, but they will need to get in touch with the proper organization, the IRCC, and let them know about the switch to the new universities.

Additionally, the student needs to confirm that the new school they are enrolling in is a designated learning institution (DLI), as institutions that are not DLIs are not permitted to accept overseas students for any type of study.

List of Designated Learning Institutions 

There are over 1500 DLIs in Canada, most of which are in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

DLI by Province in Canada
ProvinceNumber of DLIs
British Columbia265
New Brunswick39
Newfoundland & Labrador31
Northwest Territories3
Nova Scotia40
Prince Edward Island20

List of DLI Colleges

A1-Global College of Health, Business, and TechnologyO19394699296
AAA Aviation Flight AcademyO110735702489
ABCE Language School IncO19394345235
ABM College of Business and TechnologyO242632228347
Absolute AviationO134231224842
Academie de beaute Gordon-RobertsonO246872714018
Academie de Dessin de Mode Richard Robinson Academy of Fashion DesignO119063232417
Academie de l entrepreneurship Quebecois inc.O19338214982
Academie des pompiersO246874709166
Academie du SavoirO123445819232
Academy CanadaO19441333188
Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS) Inc.O19376386952
Academy of CosmetologyO214965234137
Academy of Excellence Hair Design & Aesthetics Ltd.O123960086627
Academy of Fashion DesignO110820050587
Academy of LearningO19359144722
Academy of Learning – PEIO19220171562
Academy of Learning CalgaryO19273743562
Academy of Learning Career and Business College, Etobicoke, OntarioO112937383987
Academy of Learning Career and Business College, Belleville, OntarioO132633122837
Academy of Learning Career and Business College, Scarborough, OntarioO19516732252
Academy of Learning Career and Business College, Toronto, OntarioO19859544417
Academy of Learning College, Ottawa, OntarioO128609354927
Academy of Learning College, Hamilton, OntarioO19305245022
Academy of Learning College – AbbotsfordO212477056057
Academy of Learning College – HalifaxO111596476281
Academy of Learning College – KingstonO19303790322
Academy of Learning College – LangleyO212477063807
Academy of Learning College – RichmondO110096211204
Academy of Learning College – SaskatoonO212421004567
Academy of Learning College – SurreyO19361063652
Academy of Learning College – VancouverO19376530942
Academy of Learning College – VictoriaO19395300024
Academy of Learning College – Williams LakeO19376505602
Academy of Learning EdmontonO19273755422
Academy of Learning Edmonton SouthO19273765312
Academy of Learning Medicine HatO19273743562
Academy of Learning Red DeerO19273743562
Acadia UniversityO19391556792
Acadia University: English Language CentreO19391556981
Access Business CollegeO242732890457
ACE Acumen AcademyO242529990457
Acsenda School of ManagementO19278931852
Adler Graduate Professional SchoolO19376414752
Adler UniversityO19394452198
Advantage English School E/JO112543961007

See the complete list of DLI colleges in Canada


Designated Learning Institutions concentrate more on primary and secondary schools, making it easier for children who migrated to the country. 

However, If you are interested in post-secondary school programs like; Colleges and Universities, you must apply for your Canada study visa once you are sure of the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) where you plan to enroll for your academic program.

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