TETFund Scholarship: Empowering Academic Staff for Higher Education

TETFund scholarship is empowering academic staff for higher education. In Nigeria, the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) has established a scholarship program to support the academic staff of universities in pursuing postgraduate studies.

The TETFund scholarship provides an opportunity for full-time academic staff to obtain a Master’s or Doctorate degree in relevant fields. This article will explore the eligibility criteria, application process, and benefits of the TETFund scholarship.

Eligibility for TETFund Scholarship

To be eligible for the TETFund scholarship, applicants must meet certain criteria. Firstly, they must be full-time confirmed academic staff of their university. Secondly, they should have secured admission to pursue a full-time program of study in a National Universities Commission (NUC) approved graduate course at a university within Nigeria, excluding their own institution. It is important to note that staff who are already registered for a program at their university are not eligible to apply for the TETFund scholarship.

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Application Process

The application process for the TETFund scholarship requires applicants to submit various supporting documents. These include the admission letter from the university they have been admitted to, a filled TETFund nomination form, a curriculum vitae, a bond form, a medical certificate, and bank details.

The admission letter must be current, not older than six months for Master’s degree applicants and twelve months for Doctorate degree applicants. It is crucial that applicants do not hold a second Master’s or Doctorate degree as this would disqualify them from applying.

Benefits of the TETFund Scholarship

Successful applicants of the TETFund scholarship receive financial support for their studies. The sponsorship for a Master’s degree is N1,500,000.00 for Science-based disciplines and N1,200,000.00 for other disciplines. For a Doctorate degree, the sponsorship is N1,500,000.00 for Science-based disciplines and N1,200,000.00 for other disciplines.

In addition, all PhD dissertations of successful applicants must be submitted to TETFund in both soft (pdf format) and hard copies. Yearly progress reports on each beneficiary are also required.

The Impact of the TETFund Scholarship

The TETFund scholarship has a significant impact on the academic staff and the Nigerian higher education system as a whole. By providing financial support for postgraduate studies, the scholarship enables academic staff to enhance their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields.

This, in turn, contributes to the overall quality of education and research in Nigerian universities. The TETFund scholarship also promotes the development of a highly skilled workforce that can contribute to the economic growth and development of the country.


The TETFund scholarship is a valuable opportunity for academic staff in Nigerian universities to further their education and expertise. Through this scholarship, they can pursue postgraduate studies at reputable institutions within Nigeria, excluding their own university. The financial support provided by TETFund enables these scholars to focus on their studies and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their fields.

The impact of the scholarship extends beyond the individual scholars, benefiting the Nigerian higher education system as a whole. By investing in the academic staff, TETFund is playing a crucial role in the development of a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that can drive the country’s progress.

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