How Quebec Immigration Arrima Portal Works: A Complete Guide

The Quebec Immigration Arrima Portal, introduced in September 2018, has revolutionized the immigration process for skilled workers. This innovative portal is central to the Quebec Regular Skilled Worker Program (QSW), offering a simplified and equitable application process for all foreign nationals. This comprehensive guide explores the intricate workings of the Arrima portal, detailing its features, processes, and impact on immigration to Quebec.

Understanding the Arrima Portal

A New Era for Quebec Immigration
The Arrima Quebec portal represents a significant shift from the traditional first-come, first-served intake process. It’s designed to manage the province’s Expression of Interest (EOI) system, ensuring a more balanced and efficient selection of candidates.

Who Can Use the Arrima Portal?
Arrima Quebec is not just for skilled workers; it caters to various programs, including:

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Additionally, Quebec businesses use the Arrima portal to find profiles that meet their labor needs.

The Expression of Interest Process

Getting Started with Arrima
Creating an Arrima account is the first step. Applicants must fill out the expression of interest form by selecting “New File” and have necessary documents, like diplomas and language test results, handy. The form must be completed within 90 days and remains valid for one year after submission.

Selection and Evaluation
Post-submission, the Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Francisation et de l’Intégration (MIFI) evaluates the expressions of interest against the province’s labor market needs. Applicants matching these needs receive invitations to apply for immigration.

Selection Criteria in Detail

Factors Influencing Selection
Applicants are assessed based on criteria outlined in the selection grid, which includes:

  • Education or professional training
  • Age
  • Work experience
  • Language proficiency (French and English)
  • Previous visits to Quebec
  • Validated job offers
  • Family situation and financial stability

Importance of a Validated Job Offer
A validated job offer significantly enhances the chances of receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate, pivotal for Canadian permanent residence. The selection grid is designed to evaluate how well an applicant will integrate into Quebec society.

Invitations to Apply and Next Steps

Receiving and Responding to Invitations
Invitations to apply are sent via the Arrima Quebec platform. Priority is given to those with applications before August 2, 2018, and individuals with validated job offers from Quebec employers.

Application Submission
Selected applicants have 60 days to submit an official immigration application. This step is crucial for obtaining the Quebec Selection Certificate and, subsequently, permanent residence in Canada.


The Quebec Immigration Arrima Portal has made the immigration process more accessible and fair. By understanding how the portal works and the criteria for selection, applicants can enhance their chances of successful immigration to Quebec.


Q: What increases my chances of receiving an invitation through Arrima?
A: Holding a validated job offer significantly boosts your chances of securing a Quebec Selection Certificate through the Arrima portal.

Q: How long is my expression of interest valid in the Arrima portal?
A: Once submitted, your expression of interest is valid for one year in the Arrima portal.

In summary, the Arrima Quebec portal is a pivotal tool for skilled workers and other applicants seeking to immigrate to Quebec. Its efficient, fair system, and comprehensive selection criteria ensure the best match between the province’s needs and the skills of applicants. Understanding and navigating the Arrima portal is essential for anyone looking to start their new life in Quebec.

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