How To Get a Job In Canada Without Degree

It is still possible to get a job in Canada without a degree. While a college degree may be seen as the traditional path to a successful career, it is not the only path. 

Many employers in Canada value skills and experience over education and are willing to hire candidates without a degree. 

In fact, the Canadian government puts so much emphasis on experienced workers, with so many of their immigration processes tailored to fit such individuals. 

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Read on to see how you can get a job in Canada without a degree. Can I Work In Canada Without Studying There?

How To Get a Job In Canada Without Degree

Several options are available for people to get a job in Canada without a degree. Here are some tips: 

1. Focus on your skills and experience

One good way to get a job without a degree is to put more focus on what you already have, which is your skills. 

While a degree may be an important factor for some employers, it is not the only factor. It is not the only thing they consider when hiring. Many employers are more interested in the skills and experience you bring to the table.

Emphasize your skills, experience, and achievements in your job applications and interviews, and highlight any relevant work experience, training, or certifications you have. This could include internships, volunteer work, hobbies, or side projects demonstrating your abilities.

2. Look for jobs that don’t require a degree 

Not all jobs in Canada require a degree, and many positions are open to candidates with relevant skills and experience. 

Some industries that may be more open to hiring candidates without a degree include trades, manufacturing, and customer service.

Look for job openings that don’t list a degree as a requirement and focus your search on these opportunities.

3. Consider vocational training

Another way to get a job in Canada without a degree is through vocational training. Vocational training programs, also known as technical or trade schools, provide hands-on training in a specific work area. 

These programs can be a good option for those who want to develop practical skills and knowledge in a specific field and can often lead to jobs that don’t require a degree.

4. Apply for internships and co-op programs

A good way to get a job in Canada without a degree is to apply for internships and co-op programs, especially if you are still studying there. 

Many employers offer internships and co-op programs to give students and recent graduates hands-on experience in their field of study. 

These programs can be a good way to get your foot in the door with a company and can often lead to permanent employment.

5. Network and build connections 

Networking can be an effective way to find job opportunities, especially if you don’t have a degree.

Attend industry events and job fairs, join professional organizations, and make connections through social media or in person to learn about job openings and get your name out there.

These connections can be a valuable source of job leads and help you get your foot in the door at companies that may not have considered you otherwise.

6. Consider self-employment 

If you can’t find a job, consider starting your own business. Many immigrants to Canada have started their businesses and have found success. Canada has a self-employment visa for foreign entrepreneurs. 

You can start your own business if you have a specific skill or talent, such as graphic design or photography. 

While this option requires much hard work and dedication, it can be a great way to create your job and build a successful career.

7. Look for jobs in smaller cities and towns

Some cities and towns in Canada may have more job opportunities for candidates without degrees.

These communities may have a lower cost of living and be more open to hiring candidates with a mix of skills and experience.

8. Consider alternative credentials

If you don’t have a degree, consider alternative credentials such as certificates, diplomas, and licenses. 

These credentials can show potential employers you have the knowledge and skills to succeed in your chosen field.

Vocational schools, trade schools, and online courses can provide valuable skills and training that make you a competitive job candidate.

9. Tailor your resume and cover letter: 

Another way to get a job in Canada without a degree is to sell yourself through an impressive resume and cover letters. 

Make sure to highlight your skills and accomplishments on your resume and cover letter. 

Your resume and cover letter should focus on your skills and experience rather than your education. 

Emphasize any relevant experience, and highlight any skills or achievements that make you stand out.

10. Be open to Entry-Level positions

While it may be tempting to only apply for higher-level positions, consider applying for Entry level positions. Most of these positions do not require degree holders but people with zeal and openness to learning.  

You may have years of experience in your field, but starting at an entry-level position in Canada may be necessary. 

These positions can provide valuable experience and may lead to higher-level positions in the future.

These jobs can be a great way to get your foot in the door and gain valuable experience, even if they pay less than higher-level positions.

11. Don’t give up

Finding a job in Canada with a degree may be more challenging, but it is possible. Keep applying, networking, and seeking out opportunities, and eventually, you will find a job that fits your skills and experience. 

Be proactive in your job search: Don’t just wait for job openings to be posted – take the initiative to reach out to companies and inquire about potential job opportunities. Be persistent, and don’t be afraid to follow up.


By focusing on your skills and experience, networking and making connections, and being open to alternative education options and entry-level positions, you can increase your chances of finding a job in Canada without a degree.

You can succeed in your career without a college degree with hard work and determination.

Check the National Occupation Classification (NOC) for jobs that meet your talent. Usually, positions without degrees fall under the 5th TEER in the NOC. Also, check the Canadian job bank and other online job sites for available positions. 

I hope these tips are helpful in your job search in Canada. Good luck!

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