Federal Skilled Worker’s Program (FSW)

The federal skilled worker’s program is one of the three programs under the Canada Express Entry System.

The Express Entry System is a channel through which foreigners access the country for job purposes or permanent residency in Canada.

The Express Entry system, under which several programs are meant to select skilled and proficient international workers to contribute to the country’s economic development.

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The program depends on what aspect you choose to rely on, your skill, and the duration you intend to stay.

Some are temporary, while some are permanent. Whether for work or just permanent residence allocation.

Federal Skilled Worker’s Program (FSW)

The Federal Skilled Workers Program is designed for international workers interested in working in Canada.

Before you can be eligible and be granted the offer to work in Canada, there are expectations and standards to meet.

The Express Entry system manages this program gets data from the candidate, and transfers it to the comprehensive ranking system (CRS) for the scoring.

It is further sent to the future express entry system for invitation for permanent residency in Canada, which shows that such an applicant was eligible, hence, the purpose for the invitation.

If yes, you can say it is a response from Canada through the Express Entry system once your data is approved.

How long should you expect a response from the Express Entry system after applying? This is a crucial question because it is essential to have an idea of how long it will take them to give you a reply so that beyond that day, you tell your application is not granted.

After your application is submitted, your profile is sent to the CRS for scoring, after which they send the result to the Express Entry system before you get a positive response from them when you meet up.

The express entry system takes 6 Months to process the application and get your feedback.

After receiving the feedback, it takes you about 15 weeks to process the other demands after accepting the invitation.

Federal Skilled

What makes you eligible under the Federal Skilled Worker’s Program FSW

Work Experience

The Federal Skilled Worker’s program requires that participants have international work experience.

Unlike the Canada Experienced system, which demands that participants have Canadian work experience, the Federal Skilled worker program does not require work experience from Canada. Just that the candidate has

Engage the work well, and his professionalism is ascertained. They demand at least a year of consistent work experience within the past ten years.

You could have your work experience in any county, provided the experience is valid and authentic.


The foreign skilled worker’s program requires participants to have a minimum diploma degree.

Education is crucial when it comes to foreign workers. You will be necessary to your educational details to determine if you suit the work available and the standard.

There are different grades based on your academic level. You will be required to present your certificates and other essential documents about your educational status.

Language Proficiency

You will be examined on your language proficiency when you apply and before you are granted an invitation.

You are expected to be versatile in English, French, or both languages. You can try to study the Canada Language Benchmark to learn about the Canada Language standard.

Fund Support

Moving from one country to the other can be demanding in financially demands. You will need to get your money exchanged for the currency used in Canada; Dollars.

Most times, because of the high standard of American currency, it is possible that the currency of the former country is lower than the dollar.

You, therefore, need to plan and see how much it will cost you to meet all your needs, accommodation, feeding, and other primary and secondary needs you might need in your transit to a new location.

And lastly, the Residence.

A participant must be ready to be a permanent worker, Which means a candidate with no intention of staying back in Canada forever can not come in through this program. It is strictly for participants who are ready to stay permanently.

Before participants can be eligible for the opportunity to be invited for permanent residency through the Federal Skilled Workers Program, such must meet up with the above requirements.

On the other hand, the participant will not be qualified to have immigrated into the country through the program.


The federal skilled workers’ program is designed for any skillful worker ready to contribute economically to the development of the country Canada.

And such must have the intention of staying back permanently in Canada. The above criteria would help you know what is expected of you to gain access to Canada through the program.

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