Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Program: A Strategic Path to Canadian Residency

The Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an innovative initiative by the Quebec Government and the Canadian Federal Government. It’s specifically tailored for highly skilled individuals seeking permanent residency in Quebec. This distinct program operates under Quebec’s unique immigration regulations, setting it apart from other Canadian immigration streams.

Understanding Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for this program, candidates must meet a variety of criteria:

  1. Training: This aspect evaluates your education and job training.
  2. Work Experience: Your professional history, including unpaid internships related to your field, is assessed.
  3. Language Proficiency: Proficiency in English and French, especially French, is essential.
  4. Education: Points are awarded based on your highest educational attainment.
  5. Quebec Connection: Connections to Quebec can enhance your application.
  6. Spouse’s Characteristics: If applicable, your spouse’s education and language skills are also considered.

In-Depth Look at Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Eligibility Criteria

  • Training and Education: Points are allocated for your educational level and areas of training, focusing on qualifications obtained within the last five years or relevant work experience in the same timeframe.
  • Work Experience: Evaluated on a scale, where longer and relevant experience scores higher.
  • Language Proficiency: Your abilities in English and French are scored, with a preference for French. Accepted tests include TCF and IELTS.
  • Quebec Connection: Having family in Quebec or previous experience in the province can add points to your application.
  • Spouse’s Qualifications: Points are awarded for your spouse’s education, age, and French language skills.

Navigating the Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Application Process

The application process is multi-faceted:

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  1. Creating an Express Entry Profile: This involves submitting detailed personal and professional information.
  2. Arrima Portal Submission: Your profile is then evaluated via the Arrima portal, Quebec’s immigration platform.
  3. Receiving a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ): A CSQ is crucial for the next phase of the application.
  4. Applying for Canadian Permanent Residency: With the CSQ, you can then apply for permanent residency.

Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Program Benefits

The Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Program offers:

  • Efficient Processing: Known for its speedy processing times.
  • Permanent Residency in Quebec: Successful applicants can enjoy all the social, educational, and healthcare benefits Quebec offers.
  • Career Opportunities: As permanent residents, you can work anywhere in Quebec.
  • Pathway to Canadian Citizenship: This program can lead to Canadian citizenship.
  • Quality of Life: Quebec is renowned for its vibrant culture and high living standards.


The Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Program stands as an exceptional route for skilled professionals to gain permanent residency in Quebec. By fulfilling the program’s criteria and navigating the application process efficiently, candidates can embark on a fulfilling journey in Quebec.

Additional Resources

For more information and assistance with the Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Program, refer to the following resources:

  1. Official Government of Quebec Immigration Website
  2. Express Entry Official Website
  3. Arrima Portal
  4. Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Resource Center

Remember, the Express Entry Quebec Skilled Worker Program could be your pathway to a new and exciting chapter in your life. Start your journey today and make your dream of living and working in Quebec a reality.

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