Canada’s 2024 Parent and Grandparent Program: A Comprehensive Guide

Canada’s 2024 Parent and Grandparent Program (PGP) has been officially launched, presenting a remarkable opportunity for Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their elders for permanent residency. This program is a key component of Canada’s family reunification efforts, reflecting its commitment to keeping families together. In 2024, the PGP is set to welcome a significant increase in applications, accepting up to 32,000 compared to 28,500 in the previous year.

Eligibility for Sponsors: Canada’s 2024 Parent and Grandparent Program

To participate in the PGP, sponsors must hold either Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status. They are also required to meet minimum income levels. This requirement underscores the government’s emphasis on ensuring that incoming family members are well supported. A notable aspect of the program is the sponsor’s commitment to provide financial support to their sponsored family members for a period of three to ten years.

Steps to Apply for Canada’s 2024 Parent and Grandparent Program

For those looking to sponsor their parents or grandparents, the process begins with submitting an ‘interest to sponsor’ form. Successful candidates from this pool will then be invited to apply. The application process, which is entirely online, involves completing forms on the Permanent Residence (PR) Portal. It’s crucial to note that the sponsorship and permanent residence applications must be submitted together.

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Documentation Essentials Needed for Canada’s 2024 Parent and Grandparent Program

Canada's 2024 Parent and Grandparent Program

Applicants need to prepare a set of documents to apply for the PGP. These include proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, evidence of the relationship with the parents or grandparents, and documentation of income. Depending on unique situations, additional documents might be required.

Understanding the Processing Time

The time taken to process applications for the PGP can vary, depending on factors such as the volume of applications received and the completeness of the application. As of now, applicants can expect a processing time of about 20 to 24 months.


The Parent and Grandparent Program is a golden chance for Canadians to bring their parents or grandparents to join them in Canada. With the program set to accept a larger number of applications in 2024, eligible individuals are encouraged to submit their interest to sponsor forms promptly to take advantage of this opportunity.


  • What’s this Program All About?
    Ever heard of the Parent and Grandparent Program in Canada? It’s pretty neat. Basically, if you’re a Canadian citizen or you’ve got permanent residency here, you can sponsor your parents or grandparents to become permanent residents too. It’s all about bringing families together.
  • Can I Sponsor My Folks or Grandfolks?
    Thinking of sponsoring your parents or grandparents? Here’s the deal: you need to be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Plus, there’s this income requirement you’ve got to meet. And don’t forget, you’ve got to be ready to support them financially for three to ten years.
  • How Do I Get Started with the Application?
    Ready to get rolling? First off, fill out an ‘interest to sponsor’ form. It’s like throwing your hat in the ring. If you get picked from this pool, you’ll be invited to apply. Then, it’s all about filling out forms online through this thing called the Permanent Residence (PR) Portal. Remember, you have to submit the sponsorship and residence applications together.
  • What Paperwork Do I Need?
    Paperwork time! You’ll need to show you’re a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Then, you’ve got to prove your relationship with your parents or grandparents. And income proof is a must. Sometimes, they might ask for a few more documents, depending on your situation.
  • How Long Until I Hear Back?
    The waiting game, right? The processing time isn’t set in stone – it can be around 20 to 24 months. But this can vary based on how many applications they get and how complete they are.

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