Best Province to Live in Canada

Best Province to Live in Canada, ten provinces provide homes to nearly 35 million people. 

Not all these provinces are created equal, so before looking at property in other parts of the country, it’s essential to find out which area will offer you the best chance of success and happiness.

Every province in Canada has distinct qualities, making it challenging to pick just one as the best province to live in Canada.

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We’ve broken down our top five picks based on lifestyle, cost of living, and environment and why we think they stand out from the rest as the best province to live in Canada. 

This article will explain why we chose this province as the best province to live in Canada.

Read on cause the best province to live in Canada might surprise you.

5 Best Provinces to Live in Canada

1. Ontario Ontario

 Ontario Ontario is one of the best provinces to live in Canada, with its thriving arts and culture scene. 

Their beautiful provincial parks are some of the most stunning you will find anywhere, which makes it easy for outdoor enthusiasts. 

The province is also home to several world-class universities, so if you’re looking for an education or a new way to connect with people, this is a great place. 

With all these great amenities and more, it’s no wonder that so many Ontarians love living here.


With world-class universities like the University of Toronto, Ryerson University, York University (in Toronto), and Western University (in London), you’ll be able to find top-quality education no matter your interests.


One of the reasons why Ontario is such a great place to live is because it has a diverse range of communities. 

There are over 140 cultures represented throughout these cities and towns, making Ontario unique. 

One thing I like about Ontario is that there are always tons of things going on, especially during the summer when concerts at Victoria Park fill up the weekends.

And don’t forget about their local farmers’ markets. They’re perfect for picking up fresh produce from local farms in your neighborhood.

Cost of Living

Ontario offers some of the lowest living costs among Canada’s major provinces. 

That means less money spent on groceries, gas, electricity, etc., and more savings.


Ontario has taken active steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet its climate change targets. 

It’s committed to using 100% renewable energy sources by 2050; over 70% of Ontario’s power comes from renewables. 

The next on our list is Nova Scotia.

2. Nova Scotia

There’s no place quite like Nova Scotia, the most easterly province of Canada. 

Nestled along the Atlantic Coast and stretching from ocean beaches to beautiful rolling hillsides, it’s home to some of the most amazing coastal communities you’ve ever seen.


With a small population and a healthy economy, Nova Scotia is an ideal destination for those looking for a slower pace of life. 

Whether you’re interested in exploring the coastline or exploring natural spaces on foot or bike, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this scenic region.

Cost of Living

 Some might worry about how much things will cost when they move out east, but the cost of living in Nova Scotia is surprisingly affordable. 

While prices can be higher than in other provinces due to transportation costs, low energy costs make up for that by making heating less expensive.


The natural beauty of Nova Scotia makes it easy to forget about all the benefits of going green. 

Many people here have switched to using solar power and embracing environmentally-friendly policies. 

If you want to live somewhere where recycling is not just encouraged but mandatory, look no further than this eastern gem.

3. Alberta

Alberta is one of the top five provinces to live in Canada. It has excellent job opportunities, various industries, and incredible culture. 

With natural beauty and access to an endless list of outdoor activities, there are plenty of reasons why people want to make this province their home.


The education in Alberta is considered excellent, with a strong public school system. 

Many universities include Athabasca University, Mount Royal University, and Edmonton’s Concordia University. 

You can find all kinds of schools here, from elementary to high school. 

Many technical schools offer specialized training for different careers, such as welding or automotive technician programs.

Lifestyle & Cost of Living

Besides the fantastic lifestyle available in Alberta, the cost of living is low.

Housing prices are very affordable, and it’s not difficult to find work when you’re looking.


If you’re environmentally conscious, Alberta is a great place to be. 

There are many parks and green spaces throughout the area, with wildflowers in bloom during the springtime. 

Nature lovers will enjoy everything this area offers, including biking on trails and camping on lakeside shores during the summer months. 

4. British Columbia

Located at the far western edge of Canada, British Columbia is an absolutely stunning and often overlooked province. 

While many simply pass through on their way to Alaska, British Columbia is home to some of North America’s best skiing and snowboarding destinations.

Whistler Blackcomb, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, and Panorama Mountain Resort are among them.


In terms of education, British Columbia has the second-highest university density in all of Canada, with eight universities that rank among the top 50 public universities according to World University Rankings. 

The province also ranks first out of all Canadian provinces for its percentage of students who attend college or university. 

Quality of Life

The average income for a household is $69,786 annually, which is higher than any other province except Alberta and Ontario.

5. Quebec

If you are moving to Quebec, you must learn French because most people speak the language. 

Qu├ębec has fantastic job opportunities and stunning scenery, from mountains in the northeast region to beautiful lakes on the southwest coast. 

Quebec is a fun city with many activities and great places for young adults to enjoy themselves. 

If you love being outdoors, exploring new places, and being part of a close community, then Quebec is the province for you.


There are many beautiful provinces in Canada. And each one has something special about it. 

However, this list of the best provinces to live in Canada is based on educational opportunities, the lifestyle of the person moving there, career opportunities, and long-term living costs. 

Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec are the five best provinces.

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