Alexander Rutherford Scholarships

Hey there, future scholars and academic adventurers! If you’re hunting for opportunities to fund your education while riding the rollercoaster of life, look no further. We’re about to embark on a thrilling journey through the world of Alexander Rutherford Scholarships, where the pursuit of knowledge meets the pursuit of treasure.

So, what exactly are Alexander Rutherford Scholarships? How can you grab your slice of the academic treasure chest? Stick around as we unravel the mysteries, provide you with invaluable insights, and answer all your burning questions.

The Legend of Alexander Rutherford Scholarships

Once Upon a Scholarship…

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Picture this: You’re a bright, ambitious student in Alberta, Canada, dreaming of higher education but faced with the formidable dragon of tuition fees. Fear not, for in the land of Alberta, the legend of Alexander Rutherford Scholarships was born.

What Are Alexander Rutherford Scholarships?

Alexander Rutherford Scholarships, fondly known as ‘Rutherford Scholarships,’ are like the hidden treasures of academia. These scholarships are named after Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the first Premier of Alberta and a passionate advocate for education. Their purpose? To reward and support high school students for their academic excellence and dedication to learning.

What’s in the Chest?

So, what’s the loot, you ask? Well, these scholarships offer monetary rewards to Alberta high school students who excel academically and have a thirst for knowledge. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • Alexander Rutherford High School Achievement Scholarship (ARS): This is the big one! ARS rewards students with up to $2,500 based on their academic achievements in Grades 10, 11, and 12. The better your grades, the bigger the bounty.
  • Alexander Rutherford Jr. High School Achievement Scholarship (JRHS): Don’t think it’s just for the high school adventurers! The JRHS is for Grade 9 students and offers a reward of up to $400 for your dedication to learning.

These scholarships are like finding a hidden treasure chest right in your own backyard.

The Quest for Eligibility

Are You Worthy of the Treasure Map?

Before you start counting your gold coins, you need to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria. After all, even the most skilled pirate needs a map to find the treasure.

For the ARS:

  • Alberta Resident: First things first, you must be a resident of Alberta, Canada. That’s your starting point on the treasure map.
  • Enrolled in a Designated School: You should be attending a designated Alberta school, and this includes accredited online schools or charter schools.
  • Academic Excellence: Your academic performance matters! To qualify for the ARS, you must have an average of 80% or higher in five designated courses. These courses include English, social studies, mathematics, science, and one optional course.

For the JRHS:

  • Alberta Resident: Just like with the ARS, you must be an Alberta resident to unlock the JRHS.
  • Enrolled in a Designated School: Your quest begins in a designated Alberta school, as with the ARS.
  • Outstanding Achievement: Achieving an average of 80% or higher in five designated courses, including English, social studies, mathematics, and science, is your key to the JRHS treasure.

You see, the eligibility criteria serve as your treasure map, guiding you toward the coveted Alexander Rutherford Scholarships.

The Application Adventure

X Marks the Spot: The Application Process

Now that you’ve deciphered the eligibility map, it’s time to set sail on your application adventure. Grab your quills and parchment because you’re about to pen down your scholarship saga.

Step 1: Gather Your Credentials

Before you start your application, gather your academic records and transcripts. These are your badges of honor that prove your eligibility.

Step 2: Online Application

The digital age has made it easier than ever to embark on your scholarship quest. Head to the Alberta Student Aid portal and complete your online application. Be sure to provide all the necessary information and double-check for any spelling or grammar dragons lurking in your application.

Step 3: Submit the Treasure Map

Once you’ve filled out your application, submit it online through the Alberta Student Aid portal. Make sure to do this well before the application deadline to avoid any last-minute mishaps.

Step 4: Await the Proclamation

Now, the waiting game begins. Scholarships are awarded based on academic performance, so while you wait, keep your nose in your books and maintain your stellar grades.

Step 5: Celebrate Your Victory

If your application is successful, you’ll receive your treasure chest of rewards! Remember, persistence and dedication are the keys to success.

FAQs: Your Burning Questions Answered

Q1: Can I apply for both ARS and JRHS? A: Absolutely! If you’re eligible for both, you can apply for both scholarships and potentially increase your loot.

Q2: What if I miss the application deadline? A: Missing the deadline is like missing the ship to Treasure Island. To avoid this, mark the application deadline on your calendar and submit your application well in advance.

Q3: Can international students apply for Alexander Rutherford Scholarships? A: Sorry, mate! These scholarships are exclusively for Alberta residents. International students are not eligible.

Q4: What if my grades drop after I apply? A: Keep your eyes on the prize! Your scholarship is awarded based on your academic performance at the time of application. So, maintain those high grades.

Q5: Can I use the scholarship for any post-secondary institution? A: Yes! Once you’ve claimed your treasure, you can use it at any eligible post-secondary institution in Alberta.


In the world of education, the Alexander Rutherford Scholarships are like the buried treasure every student dreams of finding. They reward your hard work, dedication, and love for learning with a chest full of gold.

So, if you’re an Alberta high school student with a passion for academics, don’t let this treasure slip through your fingers. Follow the treasure map of eligibility, embark on the application adventure, and claim what’s rightfully yours.

Remember, it’s not just about the reward; it’s about the journey of discovery, the pursuit of knowledge, and the opportunity to shape your future. So, set sail on your scholarship saga, and may your academic voyage be filled with success and adventure.

Now, go forth and conquer, young scholar, for the Alexander Rutherford Scholarships await you.

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